Vitamix vs Blendtec: Which One Should I Get?

Two of the world’s most popular blenders are made by marketing segment rivals Vitamix Corporation, headquartered in Olmstead Township, Ohio, and Blendtec, Inc., based in Orem, Utah. Blendtec is a subsidiary of a larger firm, K-TEC, Inc., and is the parent of a new nutrition and health-food company called Blendfresh.

Comparisons between the company’s blenders has become something of a parlor game for foodies in the U.S. and Europe, reminiscent of the centuries old “Coke vs Pepsi” debate, as well as more recent tussles between devotees of the Mac and the PC. Whenever the “Vitamix vs Blendtec” spiel begins, there’s rarely a clear “winner,” but in fact there are comparable features that can help consumers make a decision between the two.

Categories for Comparison

As is the case with the cola wars and the PC vs Mac ad infinitum arguments, people usually end up buying the blender that suits their particular needs the best; both the Blendtec and the Vitamix lines are clearly superior to everything else on the market. That is a given.

The following examination of the “Vitamix vs Blendtec” conundrum will explore features like motor power, design, after-purchase care (warranties and customer service), corporate character and attitude, ease of website use, and convenience (storage, cleanup and noise).

Vitamix vs Blendtec: Factors to Consider


Power: Long story short, Blendtec pummels Vitamix in its advertising over the power issue. Blendtec definitely has more powerful motors in its products, but two other issues pertain here: power doesn’t make much of a difference at this level of the game, plus, more power means more noise. So the power question is actually moot, or is that “mute”? Anyway, there are better ways to compare blenders.

Design: This category is the primary way most consumers settle the Vitamix vs Blendtec question, mainly because Vitamix products include a tamper device and Blendtec does not. To its credit, however, Blendtec does now offer a “twister lid” that does nearly the same thing. The key word there is “nearly,” because the tamper is actually more versatile and useful. The advantage in this category goes to Vitamix.

Under the “design” heading is also the “ease of use” question. Vitamix features a more user-friendly, and easier to calibrate, control panel. The high-tech look and feel of the Blendtec machine is a bit trickier to work with.

Container volume is an important concept for blender users, and Vitamix certainly has the advantage over Blendtec on this point. Every Vitamix blender is UL-rated as being able to blend at its maximum capacity. Namely, the 2-quart container can be filled up and blended safely. Not so for Blendtec. Their 2-quart container comes with written instructions that suggest it only be filled up halfway before use!

After-purchase Service: Both blender-makers offer long warranties, with Blendtec edging Vitamix out by a single year with its 8-year warranty, compared to Vitamix’s 7-year contract. Both offer several extended warranty arrangements for a reasonable price. Both companies have excellent customer service.

Corporate Character: Vitamix is a family-owned corporation that has been around since 1921. One of the company’s early missions was to create nutritious foods and improve the public health. They have been innovators in the field for almost 100 years, with a focus nowadays on offering whole-foods, vegan recipes and encouraging people to eat right. Blendtec is a newer organization, founded in 1975, and not as “philosophical” in its approach as Vitamix is. Blendtec primarily just sells blenders. However, the company has recently gotten into the nutrition business with the creation of its subsidiary, Blendfresh.

Website: This is a highly subjective category but even the least techie person on the planet will probably agree that Vitamix’s website is more user-friendly than Blendtec’s. If you’re going to plunk down a wad of cash on a kitchen appliance, it helps if the company that built the thing has an easy-to-navigate site. See for yourself by visiting each one and clicking around to view recipes, look at the entire line of products, and read about the history of the companies. Clear winner here is Vitamix.

Convenience/cleaning: This category is pretty much a non-starter because both products are super-simple to clean. The Blendtec units, however, are designed to make it a bit easier to wash underneath the blades, so the advantage in this category has to go to Blendtec due to its blade design. Note: neither company makes blenders with removable blades.

Is There a Resolution to the Blender Debate?


There are so many subjective decisions that go into a blender purchase, but the above data seems to point to the Vitamix family of products as being slightly superior to their rival, Blendtec. The Vitamix vs Blendtec debate will certainly continue as the companies make changes to their key products, bring out new models and discontinue old ones.


Both the Blendtec and the Vitamix blenders get the job done, are at the top of their games, and are good buys for anyone who relies on a top-quality blender for countless kitchen tasks.

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