Essential Oils and Their Benefits: the Best of Aromatherapy

Aromotherapy is an alternative form of health care that has been shown to have all sorts of positive effects on the human body and mind. Stress, depression, memory problems and low energy levels are some of the more common reasons that people turn to aromatherapy, which involves the dispersion of essential oils and scents into the surrounding air.

The long list of medical and psychological advantages is impressive, and includes the ability of particular oils to relieve headaches, act as sleep aids, assist healing, bring about faster recovery from illness, bolster the immune system, relieve digestion problems, and foster pain relief. There’s actually much science involved, as essential oils have been used by medical practitioners for centuries as home remedies for hundreds of maladies.

Why Diffusers Make All the Difference

There’s a reason that top spas and salons use high-grade essential oil diffusers: they get the job done. Diffusers seem to increase the tranquility level of any environment they’re in, always adding a calm mood to the room. They’re also a smart way to stay cool in hot weather. The right essential oils, spearmint and wintergreen for example, give a crisp coolness to the air and make the temperature seem lower than it actually is.

For anyone who wants to practice aromatherapy at home, a top-notch diffuser is the single most important part of the puzzle. Top-of-the-line essential oils are the other piece. But when shopping for diffusers, consumers new to the field are stunned by the dizzying array of choices, so of which are overpriced and virtually unusable, while others are worth their weight in gold.

Diffusers Used by Professionals and Serious Consumers

Here’s a quick summary of the best of the best diffusers in the online marketplace:

The top of the line among diffusers, the Young Living Essential Oils Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser is used in many of the best spas in San Francisco, New York and Scottsdale (Arizona), three places that know the importance of aromatherapy for customers. With ultrasonic technology, essential oils permeate the air at a microscopic level, which helps them go to work faster and more effectively.

The AROMATECH AroMini Essential Oil Fragrance Diffuser, Scent Machine is another worthy entry, boasting cold-air diffusing capabilities, a completely silent operational system, and designed to be wall-mounted or portable. There’s also a control knob that lets you adjust the intensity of a scent.

An “entry-level” version in this market, the Breeze Essential Oil Diffuser with a free bottle of Germ Fighter Synergy: This product makes a good first diffuser for someone who wants to try out the idea of aromatherapy. It is easy to use and durable, designed for home use in small spaces.

The Trillia MINA 3 Handmade Wooden Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is fashionable, convenient and safe. It offers a handy intermittent power control that makes it easy to plan an entire day of therapy around any busy schedule.

Elite Oils for Effective Therapy

Use the right oils to construct the right healing environment wherever you are. Here are some of the more worthwhile selections for consumers who are serious about aromatherapy:

Explorer Aromatherapy Starter Kit by Organic Aromas – Elegance Diffuser and 6 High Quality 100% Pure Essential Oils in 10ml Bottles with Wooden Storage Box: This amazing lineup of oils AND a diffuser is one of the very few “all-in-one” packs available for a reasonable price from a reliable seller. The six oils are a good starter selection and they come with a storage box that keeps light, heat and moisture out.

US Organic 100% Pure Sweet Orange Essential Oil – USDA Certified Organic: Orange is the new everything when it comes to essential oils. Not only does it create a wonderful, non-overpowering atmosphere, its unique aroma is ideal for combining with hundreds of other scents. Visit any popular spa and you will no doubt detect a hint of orange in the air. A worldwide favorite, this size and price level is an online bargain for oil aficionados.

Healing Solutions Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set 64 Pieces: More than a starter kit, this 64-piece collection is one of the best offerings among online oil products. Smart aromatherapy enthusiasts buy their essential oils in bulk, and this set contains all the most popular scents.

The Aroma of Health and Long Life

The right approach to effective aromatherapy has much to do with high-quality oils and a reliable diffuser. When those two pieces of the puzzle are in place, virtually anyone can take advantage of the wonderful advantages of aromatherapy.


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