Vitamix Ice Cream: How to Make a Scrumptilicious Banana Dessert

vitamix ice cream

There’s a new dessert trend that seems to be sweeping the globe: banana ice cream. Vitamix ice cream is extremely nutritious, and tastes better than most high-end ice creams you can purchase in stores. Unfortunately, standard blenders aren’t very good for making quality ice cream, which is why so many people use the Vitamix Professional 750 blender for the task.

The Vitamix blender is ideal for creating any kind of homemade ice cream, or any other frozen dessert. Banana ice cream is one of the most popular dessert items these days, but it can be a chore to make unless you use a professional blender.

Everyday blenders can’t match the power of this machine, which is why so many professionals use the Vitamix Pro 750 for every kind of food preparation job, from blending soups and nut milks, to making top-notch frozen desserts, breads, and specialty items like candies and sweets. Using this top-tier blender to create Vitamix ice cream and smoothies brings the art of frozen dessert to a new level.

Ingredients for Vitamix Banana Ice Cream

To make four 1-cup servings of banana ice cream, you’ll need to assemble just four ingredients. Have 4 frozen bananas on hand and ready to use. For ice cream making, it helps to select slightly over-ripe, spotted bananas and freeze them for at least two hours, or until solid in the middle. Bananas freeze pretty quickly, so two hours should do the trick in most cases.

Besides the 4 frozen bananas, you’ll need:

One-half teaspoon of vanilla extract

One-third cup of organic or regular sugar (organic tastes better!)

1 cup of half & half, plain soy milk, or almond milk

That’s it! Be sure the milk or cream is very cold and the frozen bananas are cut into 1- or 2-inch chunks before you begin.

Tips for Preparation

It’s easy and quick to make any kind of ice cream. Simply add the above ingredients to the blender in this order: cream/half & half, sugar, vanilla, bananas.

Keep the lid on the blender, but the cap should be off so you can tamp the ingredients down as they blend. Move the selection knob to the “frozen dessert” setting and turn the blender on. Carefully begin tamping the ingredients down, moving the entire clump of bananas toward the blades.

There is no need to hurry or push hard because the blender is doing 99 percent of the work. Your job is to “feed” the ingredients to the blades so they can do their magic and create beautiful smoothness from all the frozen chunks.

After about one minute you will notice that the initial blob now actually looks like… ice cream. The final result should be smooth and firm. You have now made banana ice cream, which is ready to be stored, eaten or mixed into a shake or smoothie.

What is the Nutrition Profile for the Banana Vitamix Ice Cream?

Depending what additives you use in the ice cream, its nutritional profile is actually quite positive. Unlike many processed, store-bought products, home-make ice cream is very healthful. For example, each serving of Vitamix ice cream (the above recipe makes four 1-cup servings), consists of 7 grams of fat, 34 grams carbohydrate, 2 grams protein, 27 mg sodium and 3 grams of fiber, as well as 202 calories.

A Bunch of Secrets about Bananas

Alright, maybe these facts aren’t so secret, but bananas (and banana ice creams) contain a high concentration of tryptophan, a natural chemical that helps our brains create serotonin. That’s an academic way of saying that bananas are an effective food for reducing depression.

Bananas before a workout will help prevent painful muscle cramps. They also help reduce PMS, fight against type 2 diabetes, promote weight loss, bolster the nervous system, and carry large doses of vitamin B-6.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration officially recognizes bananas as a food that reduces blood pressure and helps prevent strokes and heart attacks. Bananas also help speed up the digestive system. All of which means that indulging in a serving or two of Vitamix ice cream is a very wise snack idea.

Whether as a quick snack or a special dessert after a formal dinner or lunch, this ice cream, made with the Vitamix Professional 750 blender, is a unique, delicious and nutritious treat that everyone seems to fall in love with after just one bite. The creamy, natural flavor of the bananas blends very well with a wide array of add-ins like cinnamon, vanilla and chocolate.

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